Piccolo Levriero Italiano




How it started

When sighthounds become a passion for life...

After a few years of harping about a dog, my parents finally gave in... So my dog history starts in 1991 when the Whippet 'Magadha Publicity' came into my life. I went to the dog school with him where we practiced obedience and agility.

At the dog school I met my husband Willem who had a much longer dog experience than I did at that time. His parents were already active in the dog sports for many years. They had kept and bred Bouvier des Flandres, German Shepards and Schipperkes.

Willem and I went to live on our own and my Whippet moved in with us. Soon after, in 1996, a second dog joined us: our first PLI 'Victory van de Emelenberg'. My dream came true. I had always wanted a PLI but at that time they were very rare and hard to find. We did a few dogshows with him and soon we fell in love with other sighthoundbreeds.

The Azawakh and the Saluki had caught our eye. Everybody we spoke to dissuaded us to take an Azawakh: unreliable, hard to handle and agressive they said, especially with small breeds… So in 2003 we decided to take a Saluki, 'Carré George Chivas'. Blond, feathered and elegant… he was a feast for the eye. But with his difficult and very sensitive personality he turned out to be that 'Azawakh'-like dog they had warned us for… Unapproachable for strangers, very protective but very faithful and sweet to us. Unfortunately we had to let him go much too early after a very sad accident in our garden.

Meanwhile the PLI feaver had struck us and 'Exess Eos' came into our life, soon followed by his son 'Jori vom Sausewind'. This was also the start of our Coursing and Racing life. Slowly the desire to breed a PLI litter of our own started to grow. Two females, Dea and Gaëlla, joined our gang.

So we started to search for a suitable kennel name. Something related to the sea, as we live at the Belgian coast. We ended up with 'Dymas' who was a Phrygian King in Greek mythology, called 'Father of the Sea'. We made a Latin conjugation of the name and arrived at 'Dymantis' meaning 'from the father of the Sea'.

After the loss of our Saluki we noticed that the PLI's were a bit uncertain outside, so we decided to take a large breed in the house again. Being well experienced after our Saluki we decided to give it a try with an Azawakh. That's how 'Wangari ak Ilaman' came to live with us. She has a wonderful character and is a real protector and soulmate for our PLI's. Of course she IS a real Azawakh, alert and protective, but very reliable and stabil. Being so charmed by Wangari we decided to take a second Azawakh, so 'Ckhaleesi von Al Tawarg' made her entry.

All our dogs live with us in the house as real family members and stay with us until the end. We spent all our free time together with them, doing long walks, participating in racing, coursing or shows or just lazing out on the sofa.

We occasionally breed PLI's as we prefer quality and not quantity. Our goal is to breed healthy and sportive dogs which fullfil the FCI Standard.

Nevertheless we don't have the intension to breed our Azawakh.

Magadha Publicity & Victory van de Emelenberg

Carré George Chivas & Exess Eos

Dea, Jori, Eos & Gaëlla

Wangari & Ckhaleesi