Piccolo Levriero Italiano




27 september 2015

International coursing in Volkmarsen - Germany

We were very pleased to see at the coursing in Gesves last week that Ckhaleesi ... Read more

4 september 2015

European Championship Racing in Hünstetten - Germany

After a whole year of hard training with our PLI Taikatytön Gaëlla we drove with big expectations to ... Read more

9 august 2015

National coursing Kronenberg

Every second weekend of August we traditionaly go to the national coursing organised by ... Read more

2 august 2015

Belgian racing cup Awans

This year the Belgian racing cup was organised in Awans ... Read more

25 july 2015

International coursing Beringen

Little Myota recently received her coursing license and participated for the first time ... Read more

19 july 2015

International racing Beringen - Gouden Haas

We are very proud on our Azawakh Ckhaleesi who recently made her debute on the racing track ... Read more

7 june 2015

European Championship Coursing in Helsinki (Finland)

This year the EC Coursing was organised in Finland. We drove many kilometers to get there ... Read more

24 mai 2015

Show and racing weekend Gelsenkirchen

On saturday we had the honour to show Dymantis Mystic, sister of our Myota ... Read more

10 mai 2015

International coursing Axel - Moederdagcoursing

Today our Ckhaleesi made her debute at the coursing, and it was a phantastic one ... Read more

25 april 2015

Another day of training in Beringen

We were very happy to see Silvio with Dymantis Matisse, 'Timon', brother of Myota ... Read more

19 april 2015

International racing Beringen - Lenteprijs

Today Gaëlla had a little off-day, she became second ... Read more

12 april 2015

National racing 2015

Again first place for Gaëlla ... Read more

11 april 2015

Training in Beringen

First time this year training in Beringen ... Read more

5 april 2015

International Racing Köln

Taikatytön Gaëlla ran very good in this mixed race in which 10 PLI's were entered ... Read more

4 april 2015

CAC Show Köln

Our Ckhaleesi was shown at the CAC-show in Köln ... Read more

3 april 2015

Tesla 3,5 months

Time flies... Tesla is already 3,5 months old ... Read more

22 February 2015

Racing training Rotterdam

Today we went to the racing track in Rotterdam for the first training of 2015 ... Read more

21 February 2015

New family member

Our new family member PLI "Racing Tesla Super Charty" finally arrived ... Read more

27 January 2015

New title for Gaëlla

Today we found a new Champion title in the mailbox for Taikatytön Gaëlla ... Read more

10 January 2015

Nat. Dogshow GENK (B)

We went to the national dogshow in Genk with Gaëlla and Ckhaleesi. Ckhaleesi was entered in Junior Class and received 1st Exellent with Junior CAC ... Read more