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Ahmar Remel Azreg

Ckhaleesi von Al Tawarg

Born: 17/10/2013

Breeder: Kennel von Al Tawarg

               Fam. Möhrke

Book of origin: VDH/DWZB AZ 0963


Coursing achievements

Show achievements

Junior CAC + BOS Genk

Jüngsten BOB Gelsenkirchen

3x CAC Germany

3x VDH Germany

2x BOB

About Ckhaleesi

She definitely is the clown in the house. Always in for a play or a monkey trick… Being still young she can be very restless and asks for a lot of attention mostly with a lot of vocal persuasiveness... She has a great need of walking and free running. Playing rough with Wangari is her favorite. She already loves to run on the coursing or racing track.

She is very outgoing towards strangers. Visitors who ignore her deep barking for attention will be treated to a powerful stamp with the front legs in their back or belly!

Ckhaleesi is a very sensitive dog who likes to be in contact with us. She is much less independent than Wangari and hates to be left alone at home for work. Then our furniture needs to be adapted very urgently!

Wangari became her soul mate, so we hope she will soon take over the calmness and stability from her.

Takellaout n'Afa Adhou

Ashekell Ehen-n-ma

N Shat-ehad Nakambé

Kel-es-Suf Ahsan

n'Agzir Uraysh

N Shat-ehad Kashma Houdi

Faranda Bohemia Gani Do

De Garde-Epee Bashaam

Idi n'Illeli Cateefa

Biyanou (Imp.)

Du royaume de Sikishyma Petite-Waadi-leh

N Shat-ehad Iforas

N Shat-ehad Gulu-Gani


Racing achievements

Belgian Champion Racing 2015 480m