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Oscar du Domaine de Chanteloup

Dea du Domaine de Chanteloup

Born: 08/10/2008

Breeder: Kennel Domaine de Chanteloup

               Mr. & Mrs. Laveyssière

Book of origin: LOF 10 LEVI 7353

Official height: 34,0 cm

Licenses: /

Dam of Dymantis L-litter (1-0)


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Ambiorix Winner 2010

Rheinlandjugendsieger 2009

Luxembourg Junior Beauty Champion 2009

About Dea

Little Dea, with 34cm of height, being the smallest and the most vigilant one of our gang.

She is very distant towards strangers and will only start to trust people after many many visits. Even then she will jump on their lap after a lot of encouragement and not longer than a few minutes. She only finds full peace curling up on our lap.

Being rather small and reserved she didn't really catch the eye at dog-shows. She mostly ended up second… Unless she likes to hunt birds and leafs, she was not able to gain her coursing or racing license. That brings her too far from the safety of her master!

Anyway, she means something special to us, our little lady from the catwalk, our ladybird…

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Puppy Dea
Puppy Dea